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The brand name "THOUFUN" is coined word that form (登攀(TOUHAN)+Too fun).
THOUFUN was launched  in Yokohama , Japan  in 2010.
The designer is a patterner.
The design has a functional paper pattern for pursuing ease of climbing, and  also has fashionability.
It's unisex wear that is recommended for climbing & bouldering as well as everyday use.
Almost all products are made in Okayama or Saitama , Japan sewing factories.

Aboutgiveaway for purchase

Our giveaway for purchase is made from the rest materyal of Mass production or sample products.
The rest material is using around 50%.
We are giving giveaway who purchase over¥10,000 products price.
The giveaway is a pouch.
The pouch is large enough to fit in climbing shoes.
It's as well for luggage organization of climbing trip.
Please looking forward to different combination each purchase.
We may have to give other giveaway sometimes.


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